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Disposable Infusion Set

Disposable Infusion Set
Common features:
Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing
Clear, transparent and flexible drip chamber
Moulded latex flush ball injection membrane for intermittent medication
Accurate flow controller
Approximately 15drops/ml, 20drops/ml, 60drops/ml
Tube length: 150cm, 160cm, 180cm, 200cm
Tube:  I.D.: 3.00mm;   O.D.:4.1mm
Packing: PE package or paper-plastic package
Options available:
With or without air vented spike
With or without needle
With or without Y injection port (latex or latex free)
Injection site material with latex or poluisopreme
Luer lock or luer slip connector
With or without flow regulator integrated into infusion set for precise flow contro
With or without filter

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